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Each team must comprise two men and two ladies

No player may play for more than one club in the League. In a club with more than one Sarum League team, no player may play in a lower team, once he or she has made three appearances in a higher team, or teams. Teams must comprise only recognised playing members of the club they are representing. Guest players are not eligible.

Late Arrival
A player, or players, not present to play 30 minutes after the listed start time will concede 2 games for each subsequent 5 minutes (or part thereof) that they do not appear. If, 45 minutes after the listed start, the player has still not arrived, all remaining sets in which he or she would have been involved, shall be conceded. Non-arrival of a complete team will count as a concession, resulting in a deduction of 2 points.
Minutes late in relation to listed start time:
0 to 30 minutes – no penalty, start as normal.
31 to 35 minutes – start set from love-2.
36 to 40 minutes - start set from love-4.
41 to 45 minutes – concede first set 6-love & start the second set.
More than 45 minutes – all sets involving that player are conceded.

Please also note:

  1. If one or two players fail to appear, those present should play their sets, conceding the others.

  2. If one player is present, but three do not appear, the match is conceded 8-0, but there is not deduction of points.

Team captains must record the names of their first and second mixed pairs on the scoresheet before the match starts.

Order of Play
Round 1: Mixed doubles 1 v 1 and 2 v 2.  Round 2: Men’s and Ladies doubles. Matches must be played in this order or the fixture will be declared null and void.

Sets & Tie breaks
Each rubber will be two sets only, with a tie-break (if needed) at 6-all in each set.

The result of a match will be the number of sets won by each team.

If a match is abandoned before Round 1 is fully complete, all scores are ignored, a new date must be agreed, and the match restarted.
If a match is abandoned after Round 1 is complete, sets won in Round 1 will be doubled for a result, and all scores subsequent to Round 1, ignored.

Points & Placings
2 for a win; 1 for a draw. 2 points are deducted if a team concedes a match. If teams are level on points in the table, placing is decided on sets won. If teams are level on points AND sets, placing is decided by the number of sets won by those teams in the match(es) when they met. If those sets are also level, then games won by each team in the match(es) between the level teams will decide.

The home team in each match should provide at least 3 NEW balls per court (4 preferred)

Sending in Results
The result sheet, signed by both captains, should be sent to the League Match Secretary by the HOME captain immediately after the match.

Rules of Other Points of Procedure (Please Note)

Change of Match Dates
Alterations are not encouraged. If, however, any date is unsuitable, it can be altered, by agreement with the opposition.. BUT ONLY IF THE CHANGE IS MADE AND NOTIFIED TO THE LEAGUE MATCH SECRETARY BY THE END OF MARCH (Summer) or SEPTEMBER (Winter). After that, the only changes permitted, will be rearrangements solely due to the weather.

Pre-Match Contact
Not less than a week before a match, the AWAY contact should phone the home contact to confirm that arrangements are in place for the listed start time, and to obtain directions, if needed.

Fulfilling a Fixture
Any club short of players on a day when due to play more than one match, must use the available players in the higher (highest) team(s). Abuse of this rule will result in players who appear in a lower team… on a day when a higher team does not fulfil its fixture (for any reason other than weather) … being deemed to have appeared for the higher team.
Any team failing to fulfil a fixture on the date recognised by the League Match Secretary (unless due to weather) will concede an 8-0 walkover and be deducted two points.

Matches postponed, or abandoned without a result due to the weather, the home team should make every effort to offer 3 dates (on their nominated playing day) to the away team within 7 days of postponement. All matches must be played by 31st August (Summer) or 31st March (Winter)

The Sarum League is not responsible for the insurance of players taking part in the League. Players taking part in the Sarum League do so entirely at their own risk, and must be made aware of this by their club.

Bad Light Option (Winter Only)
If at the START of a SECOND set in the SECOND round, it is felt that less than 45 minutes play will be possible, due to failing light, the set may be decided over 4 games (est.15 mins), or 8 games (est.30 mins) with a tiebreak, if needed (at 2-all or 4-all respectively).
The option can only be used IF BOTH PAIRS AGREE AND THE NUMBER OF GAMES IS DECIDED BEFORE THE SET STARTS. It is only available for light reasons, but may assist a finish and prevent the abandonment rule being applied.


File Name




Summer Rules

Download a copy of the summer rules for the Sarum League.


Winter Rules

Download a copy of the winter rules for the Sarum League.



This covers both Summer and Winter Mixed Leagues. The file to download has 4 scoresheets to print off. The winning team is responsible for inputting the scores, or if a draw then the home team is responsible


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